Mission, Vision and Values

We care about the customer. We care about the planet. We choose the Green Turn of TAURON.
TAURON – the company of first choice.

TAURON Capital Group’s mission and vision stem from a strategy that responds to market changes, customer expectations as well as climate and environmental challenges.

The prerequisite for the implementation of the mission and vision is to act in accordance with corporate values and principles described in TAURON Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct in relations with co-workers, natural environment and stakeholders.

TAURON Group’s market position obligates it to boldly and steadfastly implement innovative and competitive solutions, and to keep up with changing challenges and business trends.

Corporate values

TAURON Group’s corporate values are the symbols and determinants of the Group’s organizational culture.

They are the starting point for the Principles of Conduct described in detail in TAURON Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct. Corporate values should guide everyone in the execution of their daily tasks as signposts on the road to the implementation of the goals set out in TAURON Group’s strategy.

TAURON Capital Group’s values are described by the acronym PRO Partnerstwo (Partnership), Rozwój (Development), Odwaga (Boldness):

  • We are partners for customers and each other in achieving shared goals.
  • We are building lasting relationships, based on trust and mutual respect.
  • We are getting involved in what is important to our customers and the Group.
  • We are innovative – we break down barriers, set trends and create change.
  • We are constantly developing competences, skills and knowledge.
  • We are looking for better and better solutions: we meet the current and future needs of customers, continuously improving the quality of our services.
  • We talk boldly and openly about problems and the most daring ideas.
  • We are determined to implement what we believe in, to achieve shared goals.
  • We face the challenges of a changing environment with commitment and passion.

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