Respect for Human Rights Policy

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The goal of the Respect for Human Rights Policy is to outline TAURON Capital Group’s principles with regard to respect for human rights and actions taken to prevent the human rights violations and promote an atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect.

The policy defines the principles of TAURON Capital Group dedicated to respecting and protecting human rights, including, among others

  • prohibition of mobbing and discrimination,
  • prohibition of harassment, violence and exploitation,
  • prohibition of slavery and forced labor,
  • ban on employing children and minors,
  • freedom of association and employee engagement (commitment),
  • compliance with the employment and compensation conditions,
  • work health and safety (WHS),
  • countering cases that involve violations of human rights.

Furthermore, the regulation also defines TAURON Capital Group’s principles dedicated to the respect for human rights and protection with respect to interacting with the stakeholders, in particular with the counterparties (contractors) and business partners, as well as with respect to the local communities.

Due diligence procedures and internal regulations

The basic regulations related to TAURON Group’s Respect for Human Rights Policy are TAURON Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct and TAURON Group’s Policy of Compliance with the Principles of Ethics and Counteracting Mobbing and Discrimination.

In accordance with the provisions of the Respect for Human Rights Policy, every employee, counterparty (contractor) and an external entity/business partner is required to:

  • respect and promote respect for human rights and ensure the protection thereof,
  • refuse to participate in any situations that may involve a violation of human rights, mobbing and discrimination, and unequal treatment.

Each employee should pay attention to signals and circumstances that may potentially suggest the possibility of an unequal treatment situation occurring. If such doubts arise, the employees should report them via the communications channels defined in the above mentioned regulations.

Actions taken and results achieved

Anonymous reports of violations submitted by the employees to the Ethics Committee are forwarded to the Compliance Officer in order to conduct a fact finding investigation. As part of periodic reporting, the Compliance Team verifies the number of notifications (reports) received by the Ethics Committee in matters falling within its competence area.

Several dozen trade union organizations that group about 71% of employees are operating within TAURON Group. In order to ensure proper dialogue and exchange of experience, the Social Council of TAURON Capital Group, which represents the trade union organizations, has been established.

A brochure outlining TAURON Group’s Respect for Human Rights Policy was published on the website in 2022, available at this website.

The introduction of TAURON Group’s Respect for Human Rights Policy contributes to raising awareness of the respect for human rights and promoting the protection thereof.

Raise awareness of respect for human rights and promote their protection.

Right of association

The social dialogue and active cooperation with the trade unions and the Agreement on the Cooperation as part of the Social Dialogue dated September 13, 2016 in force, concluded with TAURON Capital Group’s Social Council, whose main assumptions include:

  • the will to cooperate on a permanent, reliable basis, i.e. in good faith and with respect for the rights and interests of the Parties, as well as to act with the due professional diligence, within the limits set by the legal regulations,
  • protection of labor and trade union rights, arising from the autonomous sources of the labor law and the generally applicable legal regulations,
  • continuous consulting and providing feedback on the fundamental social and economic issues occurring at TAURON Group,
  • implementing the obligations stemming from the agreements concluded as part of the Social Dialogue,
  • ensuring the correct representation of the Employees’ interests, including guaranteeing that the implemented organizational transformations should respect the interests of the Employees and the Trade Unions,
  • appointing a Commissioner for the Social Dialogue (Ombudsman) to coordinate the cooperation with respect to the Social Dialogue, carry out the tasks related to the Social Dialogue, monitor the implementation of the arrangements and decisions adopted by the Social Council and the Management Board of TPE.

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