Human Capital Related Risks

TAURON Group’s main human capital related risks include:

  • Human Capital Management Risk,
  • Internal Communication Risk,
  • WHS Risk.

Human Capital Management Risk identified at TAURON Capital Group

# Risk name Risk description Trend and risk materiality Response to risk
1. Human Capital Management Risk Risk related to the employee issues, including diversity, participation, employment and working conditions, relations with the trade unions and respect for the right of freedom of association, human capital management, career path and recruitment management, training systems, health and safety at work as well as, in the long run, the need to restructure employment due to climate change, forcing a change of the business operations profile. The materialization of the risk may result in the interruptions or disruptions in the operational work, employee complaints, collective labor disputes, strikes, loss of specialized staff and difficulties in reproducing it.
  1. Adoption and implementation of TAURON Group’s Recruitment Principles.
  2. Implementation of TAURON Group’s Human Capital Management Policy.
  3. Implementation of TAURON Group’s Policy of Compliance with Ethics Principles and Counteracting Mobbing and Discrimination.
  4. Care for the development of the employees’ competences, including through the participation in the development training courses.
  5. Conducting consultations with the social organizations operating at TAURON Capital Group.
  6. Implementation of TAURON Group’s Human Capital Management Policy based on the Competence Model and the applicable compensation and labor law regulations (Compensation Regulations, ZUZP, Labor Regulations).
  7. Applying the provisions of the Diversity Policy.
  8. Implementation of the provisions of the Respect for Human Rights Policy.

Internal Communication Risk identified at TAURON Capital Group

# Risk name Risk description Trend and risk materiality Response to risk
1. Internal communication risk Risk related to providing incorrect or unverified information within the organization, formulating an unclear / incomplete message, a failure to provide employees with the information of material importance, resulting in misleading the recipients of the information or a failure to comply with the disclosure obligations resulting in the wrong business decisions being made as a result of a lack of reliable (accurate) information, a loss of trust in the employer or administrative penalties (fines).
  1. Developing relationships with TAURON Capital Group’s workforce and close cooperation with the Social Dialogue Ombudsman.
  2. The use and development of the available communication tools in order to provide relevant information to the employees of TAURON Capital Group.
  3. When providing relevant information – organizing face to face (direct) meetings of the management team with the workforce.
  4. Regular periodic meetings with the representatives of the subsidiaries, that deal with the internal communication, in order to exchange information.
  5. Applying the provisions of TAURON Group’s Communications Strategy.

WHS Risk identified at TAURON Capital Group

# Risk name Risk description Trend and risk materiality Response to risk
1. WHS Risk Risk related to ensuring health and safety at work. The materialization of the risk results in an employee injury, loss of health or excessive exposure of an employee to factors harmful to health, compensation paid out for damage to health.
  1. Prioritizing the safety of the employees, customers, contractors and stakeholders in the business operations undertaken.
  2. Applying the provisions of TAURON Group’s Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy.
  3. Ensuring optimal work conditions.
  4. Conducting active monitoring of the working conditions and the correctness of work organization.
  5. Raising employees’ qualifications with respect to improving work safety.
  6. Conducting training courses, implementing and improving the WHS management system.
2. Pandemic risk Risk related to the persistence of the pandemic causing disruptions to Poland’s economic and administration and bringing about material changes in the market environment, impacting the operating conditions of TAURON Group’s subsidiaries. The increase in the number of infection cases leads to a reduction of the business activity, which affects the level of demand for the products offered by TAURON Group’s subsidiaries, including, in particular, the electricity distribution and supply volumes.
  1. Monitoring of the epidemiological threat at TAURON Group.
  2. Collecting information on threats and identifying potential threats to the safety of the employees of TAURON Group’s subsidiaries.
  3. Develop and recommend solutions to reduce the level of risk to TAURON Group resources.
  4. Ongoing monitoring of the risk of the availability of employees and services provided by TAURON Group’s subsidiaries.
  5. Recommending solutions aimed at reducing the effects of the materialization of the threat on TAURON Group’s resources.
  6. Preparing and providing feedback on the content of messages disseminated at the level of TAURON Group and TAURON Polska Energia S.A.
  7. Use of the screening tests.
  8. Preparing contingency plans in the event of a loss of the Group’s key employees.
  9. Development of backup business continuity plans.
  10. Analysis and , if required,  introduction of additional credit risk- taking guidelines and extending of the scope of testing (vetting) the financial condition of the customers.
  11. Analysis and , if required,  introduction of a mechanism to monitor and cap (limit) spending.

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