Value creation model

Implementation of the measures outlined in TAURON Group’s Strategy allows for sustainable transformation and increases investment potential for the development of renewable energy sources.

The effects of these measures are and will continue to be seen in all capitals. The zero- and low-carbon transformation will also have an impact on each of the Group’s business segments.

Financial capital is the basis for the efficient use and development of TAURON Group’s other capitals, particularly production capital, and supports the development of intellectual and human capital, and improves the efficiency of the use of natural capital.

By implementing investment projects, the TAURON Group is steadily increasing the potential of its production capital. The development of this capital is carried out using the best possible technologies available and reduces the climate and environmental impact of the Group’s business activities.

The use of modern technological and technical solutions improves and builds new competencies in intellectual capital, which also contributes to the development of human capital, improves the use of production capital and strengthens the TAURON Group’s competitive position. The Group’s business activities, primarily coal mining and the production of electricity and heat from conventional sources, result in consumption of natural resources.

TAURON Group’s overall business activity, providing customers with safe and stable electricity and heat supply, continuously builds relationships with the external environment, including the social environment, which increases the Group’s value.

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