The breadth of the Group’s business in terms of both geography and areas of competence, with a workforce of over 25,700 employees, has a significant impact in the area of the human capital management. TAURON Group optimises, unifies and digitises human capital management processes to provide its staff and managers with tools that can effectively support the organisation, create a climate of dialogue, implement change and develop the organisation even further. 

The key factor remains the Group’s contribution to the energy transition process and the related competences that are necessary for future business continuity.

TAURON Group creates the right conditions for the development of knowledge and skills, as well as builds a working environment that is based on cooperation and partnership. Ongoing staff surveys provide the basis for building and implementing initiatives that improve employee engagement and make the workplace attractive. All TAURON Group companies perform their activities up to the best standard of ethics, respect the principles of diversity as well as counteract mobbing and discrimination.

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Key human capital information, 2020-2022

Key data 2022 2021 2020
Headcount (total people as at 31.12) 25 740 25 324 25 572
Women among the staff 22.2% 21.8% 21.5%
Men among the staff 77.8% 78.2% 78.5%
Staff with college / university degrees 36.8% 35.9% 34.8%
Staff with secondary school education 43.5% 43.2% 43.5%
Staff with vocational / primary school education 19.7% 20.9% 21.7%
Staff turnover 7.09% 7.05% 6.67%

Human capital management

At TAURON Group, the human capital management strategy is implemented through the following processes as presented in the chart below.

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2020–2022 impact of TAURON Group’s measures in the area of human capital management

Results achieved

2022 2021 2020
Number of training course hours 398 000 385 000 295 000
Number of the participants of TAURON Group Open University
(the number of Tauronet views in 2021/2022)
1 000 2 000 7 000
Number of training courses conducted by Internal Coaches 185 155 84
Number of Internal Coaches 71 104 86
Number of persons trained by Internal Coaches 2 100 1 600 1 100
Number of interns/apprentices 343 265 263
Number of patronage classes 50 52 53
Number students in patronage classes 965 1 200 1 000
Number of participants in the Development Squared initiative 2046 2406 950


Human capital in the context of other assets and capital

Human capital is the most important asset for TAURON Group and a pillar of its stable functioning and development. The employment policy focuses on recruiting specialist talent, with the highest possible competence to manage the Group’s processes. The personal potential and qualifications of the staff drive the implementation of complex technical and technological processes, the acquisition of investment finance, the roll-out of development projects, and the cooperation with TAURON Group stakeholders.

In this broader sense, the function of the human capital demonstrates its high relevance and impact on all other assets, resources and capitals. Investment in the development of human capital, especially during the time of transition in the energy industry, translates into the development of intellectual property that is indispensable in the development of production assets – particularly in the area of new energy generation, conversion and storage technology.

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