Principles of Conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects

  • 2-24

The main document regulating the issues of TAURON Group’s responsibility towards the public is TAURON Group’s Principles of Conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects adopted by the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia in 2020.

The regulations contained in the document specify the objectives, scope, as well as the way the CSR projects are to be planned and monitored over a specified period of time. These measures are aimed at ensuring transparency of the commitments made by TAURON Group towards the local community and the stakeholders. TAURON Group implemented a total of 14 framework projects with an aggregate value of PLN 3.3 million, dedicated to supporting the local community development initiatives, in 2022.

With respect to the CSR projects addressed to the external stakeholders, TAURON Group focuses on initiatives to promote economic development that include:

  • providing support for the development of children and youth from the families at the risk of social exclusion caused by the transformation of the manufacturing industry. The most important projects in this respect include, first and foremost, the cooperation with the House of Guardian Angels Association for Helping Children and Youth, initiated in 2018. The association supports children from the poor post-mining and post-smelting districts, focusing on leveling the playing field (providing equal opportunities) and improving the comfort of their lives,
  • program called TAURON supports young athletes in such disciplines as volleyball, football and swimming. TAURON Group has also been committed to promoting sports among children and young people by organizing a proprietary football tournament called TAURON Junior Cup since 2018,
  • promoting knowledge related to science and the safe use of the electricity. The most important project is TAURON Fuses (Bezpieczniki TAURONA. As part of this project TAURON Group provides ready made lesson plans for the teachers, a guide for the parents as well as interesting games and educational materials related to the electricity for pupils. All the information is available on the website dedicated to the project:,
  • TAURON’s proprietary Green Laboratories (Zielone Laboratoria TAURONA) program, which is based on the comprehensive equipping of the science labs at the schools located in TAURON Group’s area of operations, thus providing support for the high quality education. For more information, visit the website dedicated to the project:
  • cooperation with the ISKIERKA (SPARK) Foundation, which helps the children with cancer, and the Red Noses Foundation (Fundacja Czerwone Noski), whose medical clowns bring joy to the young patients by visiting the children’s rehabilitation, oncology and cardiology wards. As part of the cooperation with the Foundations, among others, carnival balls for the hospitalized children and an inclusive family picnic were organized. The joint activities also included the creation of a special education and integration project called Supersprawni (Superskillful), targeted at the hospitalized children with varying degrees of the neurological disabilities, who, despite their limitations, were able to participate in the theater workshops,
  • providing support for the activities of the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service (GOPR). GOPR’s area of operations overlaps with TAURON Group’s distribution area, which further emphasizes the consistency and legitimacy of the partnership. A number of educational campaigns are designed to increase safety in the mountainous terrain by raising awareness of the danger. TAURON’s support, thanks to which the rescuers are equipped with, among other things, rescue equipment, provides an additional contribution to improving safety in the mountains,
  • trainings, thematic webinars and workshops for TAURON Group’s employees conducted in the cooperation with TAURON;s Partners with respect to health, active lifestyle, well-being practices or safety in the mountains and on tourist trails. Sports games are also organized to reveal the capabilities and sports potential of TAURON Group’s employees and to integrate the internal community.

In addition to the framework (master) projects dedicated to the local communities, smaller projects are also implemented, both at the Capital Group’s level as well as that of the individual subsidiaries. All of the pro-social initiatives and projects supporting the development of the local community are monitored and their results are systematically reported.

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