Whistleblowing System

TAURON Group has a Whistleblowing (Fraud Reporting) System in place, which is a systematic sequence of consecutive actions aimed at receiving and reviewing the received notification and informing the notifying person (whistleblower) about the results of the investigation.

The Whistleblowing System is a part of the organization’s compliance management system. The Whistleblowing System is operated based on the provisions contained in TAURON Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct and TAURON Group’s Anti-Corruption Policy.

As part of this system, it is possible to report (whistle blow) activities that are in breach of the commonly applicable law and the violations of the internal and intra-corporate regulations through the communications channels adopted at TAURON Group, i.e.:

At TAURON Group’s subsidiaries, abuse (fraud) can be reported in person, by phone or in writing to the address of the Compliance Coordinator.

Employees are required to immediately report any reasonable suspicion of corruption or other abuse (fraud). For this purpose, TAURON Capital Group provides:

  • the above mentioned communications channels allowing employees and external entities to safely (including anonymously) report potential violations,
  • confidentiality of the reporting person’s identity and the information provided,
  • protection against any form of retaliation against anyone who reports, in good faith, corruption or other abuse (fraud).

External entities, in particular contractors (counterparties) and other stakeholders of TAURON Group’s subsidiaries, in case they have identified irregularities in TAURON Capital Group's operations, also have an option to use the Fraud (Abuse) Report Form.

The Compliance Officer, and in case of a company (subsidiary) other than TAURON Polska Energia, a Compliance Coordinator, having received the notification, confirms to the person submitting the notification the fact of its receipt, excluding the anonymous reports, and verifies its authenticity, and then undertakes, with due diligence, follow-up actions in order to investigate the circumstances indicated in the notification in accordance with the procedures in force in this respect at TAURON Capital Group.

The Compliance Officer, and in case of a company (subsidiary) other than TAURON Polska Energia, the Compliance Coordinator, informs the person submitting the notification, excluding the anonymous reports, about the final result of the fact finding (investigation) procedure or about its extension in connection with the ongoing analysis of the facts described in the notification.

TAURON Group also maintains Fraud Registers.

If corruption or other abuses (fraud) are confirmed, the subsidiaries take corrective (remedial) measures aimed at preventing similar events in the future. The Compliance Officer, and in case of companies (subsidiaries) other than TAURON Polska Energia, the Compliance Coordinators undertake educational and information activities in order to provide understandable and easily accessible information on the principles of reporting corruption or other abuse (fraud) at TAURON Capital Group.

A total of 226 potential cases of irregularities were reported at TAURON Group in 2022, including 150 notifications filed via the Fraud Report Form. Total number of anonymous reports: 73.

No cases of corruption had been identified in 2022.

During the reporting period, no material cases of non-compliance with the laws and regulations had been identified, and no material penalties for the non-compliance with the laws and regulations or any non-financial sanctions for the non-compliance were imposed on TAURON Group.

As part of the 2022 update of TAURON Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct, the process of reporting violations and taking follow-up actions has been streamlined.

Fact finding probes were conducted in relation to the reports received.

In addition, in order to build awareness with respect to counteracting fraud, training sessions were organized in 2022, including the „Shouldn’t a whistleblower be afraid? Draft Act on the Protection of Whistleblowers” training course held as part of the Compliance Day 2022 for the personnel of TAURON Group’s Human Resources Area, the Compliance Coordinators and other employees interested in the subject.

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