What TAURON Group expects as a result of the regulatory and market changes

Due to the changes taking place in the European climate policy as well as social and economic transformations (including in terms of resource efficiency), and the military conflict in Ukraine, the energy sector is experiencing a fast rise in the impact of the broadly understood environment on its results and operations. The most important factors affecting the functioning of TAURON Group include regulatory changes taking place at both the European as well as the national law level.

Recent years have demonstrated a very rapid pace of changes taking place in the Group’s regulatory, economic, macroeconomic and market environment. In particular, the following factors are observed:

  • introducing further and tightening the existing regulations and requirements with respect to the environment protection and counteracting climate change (among others, Winter Package, FIT for 55, REPower EU, Grid Codes, ETS Directive, Directive on industrial emissions, European Green Deal, European Commission guidelines on climate impact reporting),
  • implementation of regulations with respect to freezing of the electricity, gas and heat prices in Poland, which is a consequence of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its impact on the economic environment (embargo on the hydrocarbons imported from Russia, increase in gas, electricity, coal prices),
  • not seen before increase in the volatility of the prices of electricity and related products,
  • steadfast change of the energy mix towards low or zero emission electricity generation sources,
  • further development of the distributed and prosumer energy,
  • advancing integration of the European electricity markets,
  • increase of the awareness of TAURON Group’s stakeholders regarding the environment protection and climate impact.

TAURON Group assumes that the above mentioned trends will continue, aiming at a further transition towards an innovative and low-emission economy, and achieving, in the long run, climate neutrality as well as implementing circular economy in the European Union.

Due to the above, TAURON Group is actively monitoring both the regulatory environment, as well as the market environment, in order to prepare an action plan adequate for the external conditions. In particular, the risk management system functioning in this respect at TAURON Group is geared towards implementing adequate and effective responses to potential threats, as well as towards the possibilities of taking advantage of emerging market opportunities.

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