In TAURON Group, social capital development and management are based on mutual relationships, both inside the organisation and towards external parties.

Social dialogue plays an important role in the development of social capital. This principle applies to both the existing production assets as well as new investments being implemented.

TAURON Group follows a ‘good neighbour’ policy to improve the living conditions of local communities, and cooperates with local authorities. It has been engaging in many projects for the benefit of the environment, including charitable and educational initiatives, liaison with academics, staff volunteers, and support for relevant sporting and cultural events.

Pro-community projects that are addressed to a broader audience and implemented both through Group subsidiaries as well as TAURON Foundation are an important feature that shapes the social capital of TAURON Group.

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, TAURON Group has been supporting the Ukrainian society in these difficult times through, for example, cooperation with NGOs and infrastructural donations to rebuild the energy system of Ukraine.

  • CSR Code of Conduct;
  • development of an ethical culture and staff compliance management;
  • building lasting relationships and active dialogue with the community;
  • cooperation with responsible counterparties;
  • promotion of safety-at-work culture;
  • engagement of employees in corporate growth, and staff education and development
  • support for local initiatives through TAURON Foundation.

Social capital management

In the area of social capital management, there has been a growing focus on initiatives that shape the proper organisational and business environment necessary for the achievement of strategic objectives in relations with customers and the market, through:

  • promotion of a compliance-oriented culture;
  • working environment driven by respect, openness, fairness and justice, as well as respect for human rights through dedicated rules of conduct (including Diversity Policy, Code of Ethics, Anti-Bullying and Discrimination Policy, Human Rights Respect Policy, Human Capital Management Policy);
  • development of a health and safety culture in all TAURON Group subsidiaries;
  • active cooperation with trade unions and the Social Dialogue Representative;
  • development of personal data protection procedures;
  • initiatives aimed at full transparency in customer relations based on PROCustomer Social Policy;
  • guaranteed availability, reliability and quality of products and services supplied to customers, as well as maintenance of business continuity based on TAURON Group’s Business Continuity Policy.
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2020-2022 impact of TAURON Group’s measures in the area of social capital management

Area of impact 2022 2021 2020
Meetings with labour unions in all subsidiaries 291 315 334
Employees covered by collective bargaining arrangements 95.3% 95.7% 95.6%
New key and consolidated categories with special focus on financial optimisation of purchasing Embedded in operations, as needed Embedded in operations, as needed Embedded in operations, as needed
Regular meetings with local communities to share information on operations and their impact on the community Embedded in operations Embedded in operations Embedded in operations
Local and social initiatives involving TAURON Foundation 181 93 144
Projects completed in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility 27 22 18

Social capital in the context of other assets and capital

The social capital is largely based on the ability to engage in dialogue and the commitment of employees to initiatives which TAURON Group implements. In Poland, the energy industry has been facing the challenging transition but the open dialogue inside the organisation makes possible the continued stable growth and the implementation of strategic objectives, including the development of production assets towards low- and zero-carbon technology.  Moreover, thanks to the sustainable development efforts, including local community projects, the perception of the business has been ‘warmer’ and its investments more accepted.

The measures involving employee-oriented programmes (such as medical schemes, health prevention programmes, gym membership cards, non-cash benefits, staff training and personal development options, etc.) all strengthen the human capital. All social capital activities combined make the TAURON brand more recognisable and perceived better, and that impacts also its intellectual property.

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